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Quarterly  Payout



This offering is now open and accepting subscriptions.

Investments in Florida Real Estate.


The FLORIDA HC-REIT™ aims to provide investors with consistent cash distributions and the potential for additional returns paid out at the end of the investment.

Maximum Cash Dividends

Maximum Asset Appreciation

Possible Returns Over Life Of Investment

The Strategy

The Florida HC-REIT™ aims towards a balanced approach across both equity ownership of and debt investments in commercial real estate assets.



Location Focus

The Florida HC-REIT™ aims to invest in Residential & Healthcare Real Estate Assets located in the main cities of the State of Florida including Miami & South Florida.

Time Period

The Florida HC-REIT™ aims for opportunities providing liquidity for Real Estate Assets to its investors after 48 Months with an option for a reinvestment plan.

Featured Assets

Here is a sample of Real Estate Assets into which the House Capitol Florida HC-REIT™ is investing. Our clients, partners and members receive notifications on new assets that are added to our investment portfolio in Real time in the Client Portal.


Redemption Plan

Our redemption plan gives you quarterly liquidity

House Capitol Florida HC-REIT™ is  a long-term investment and we understand the importance of having financial liquidity for life’s unexpected changes. As such we have in place a redemption plan for our valued clients that allows the sale of their shares back to the HC-REIT™ invested  on a quarterly basis which is subject to certain conditions.






What is a REIT?

A REIT is a company that owns or finances income-producing real estate. Modeled after mutual funds, REIT’s provide investors of all types regular income streams, diversification and long-term capital appreciation. A REIT is required to distribute to investors at least 90% of the taxable income that it earns annually. REIT’s allow anyone to invest in portfolios of large scale properties such a housing development, hotels, apartment complexes etc the same way they invest in other industries – through the purchase of stock.


How do I make money?

Investors earn potential returns based on the real estate investments made by each HC-REIT™ that you invest in. By investing in an HC-REIT™, you are purchasing common shares of a limited liability company or units in an limited liability partnership depending on the HC-REIT purchased. In turn, the HC-REIT™ uses the proceeds from its sale of common shares or units to make investments in commercial real estate assets.

As an investor, you are entitled to your pro-rata portion of any income earned and distributed by any HC-REIT™ ordered. Distributions are anticipated to occur on a monthly, quarterly basis, semi annually basis beginning after the first full quarter of operations, which is expected to be the first full quarter following the launch of a particular HC-REIT™ offering of common shares. However, there can be no guarantee that any REIT will be profitable, and investors may be subject to partial or total loss of their investment.

The differences between our HC-REIT’s™?

The differences among the HC-REITs™ are (i) the type of Real Estate assets each HC-REIT™ intends to acquire and (ii) each HC-REIT’s™ individual investment strategy and location. Investors in one HC-REIT™ will have exposure solely to the assets held by the said HC-REIT™and will not have exposure to the assets held in any other offered REIT™ or Real Estate Investment.

Are my shares redeemable?

Yes, with some limitations. While you should view your investment as long-term, each HC-REIT™ has adopted a quarterly redemption plan, whereby shareholders may request that an HC-REIT™ redeem some or all of their shares at the end of each quarter, subject to certain limitations. We may not redeem more than 5% of the total outstanding shares of a given HC-REIT™ in any given year as this will have a negative impact on the investments performance.

What is an HC-REIT™?

An HC-REIT™ is a House Capitol Real Estate Investment sponsored by House Capitol Corp (the parent company of House Capitol LLP) and offered directly to accredited investors online. There is no need for Brokers or Market Makers thus Less Fees and no selling commissions. The HC-REIT™ directive is to invest in a diversified pool of commercial Real Estate Assets such as Residential (Housing), Commercial (Office Space), Health Care (Healthcare facilities), Hospitality (Hotels, Inns), Retail (Stores, Shopping centers) or a Mixed use.

For more details on each individual HC-REIT™ individual investment strategy see or Offering Circluar at the following link


What are the costs for investing?

Assuming a fully subscribed offering, each HC-REIT™ anticipates having a reimbursement of organizational expenses of approximately 2%, marketing and distribution expenses of each offering up to 1%, and annual ongoing asset management fees and operational expenses of approximately 1-1.5%.

However, the foregoing does not purport to be a full explanation of the fees associated with each HC-REIT™, which may vary among the HC-REIT™, and is qualified in its entirety by the disclosure contained in the “Management Compensation” section of each HC-REIT™ Offering Circular, which are available at the following link

What are the risks involved with investing?

Investing in any REIT or commercial Real Estate involve risks and you should only be considered by sophisticated investors who understand the risks involved and can withstand the loss of their investment. All investors should carefully review the Risk Factors section of each HC-REIT™ Offering Circular, which contains a detailed information of the material risks that each investor should consider before investing in each HC-REIT™. Our Offering Circular is available at the following link