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House Capitol's Track Record

Performance is the ultimate measure of any investment model, and House Capitol is already hard at work building a strong track record. We’re pleased to report that a diversified REIT investor could have received an annualized dividend of 6.95% for 2016.

Income & Growth Strategy REIT

Licensed Real Estate Experts

When you invest with House Capitol, your money is in the hands of Licensed Real Estate professionals with over 200 years and $3 billion of combined professional experience.

Our standards of Expertise are such that each investment is subjected to a thorough underwriting process and fewer than 2% are approved.

A Smart Platform

Your experience with HouseCapitol online platform is very important to us as the success of your investments, so we’ve created a world-class secure platform where becoming a real estate investor is as easy as buying a Toy on Ebay.

Investing into Real Estate is now simple and enjoyable and you will ask yourself why you didn’t Invest sooner.

The future of real estate investing is here.

Although widely considered a very attractive Investment opportunity, most commercial Real Estate developments have traditionally only been available to Banks, Financial Institutions and the Rich because of the large minimum investment required.

HouseCapitol only requires $1,000 minimum per investor.

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) were created in the Capitol by the United States Congress in 1960 as a way to allow the average American to invest in commercial real estate, but their performance has been bogged down by high fees and a lack of transparency.

HouseCapitol changes all that and allows for small investors . We combined the benefits of investing through REITs with the efficiency and transparency of the Internet.